Hello and welcome! We are FAU’s BFA Graphic Design class of spring 2020. Our class has chosen to be represented by the name ICOSA from the Greek prefix for “twenty.” Our initial objective for the semester was to host an exhibition displaying the design work we have worked hard to create throughout our college career. However, due to unforeseen circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to have a public showing of our work. Not to worry! Fortunately, all of our work can still be displayed on this website. Feel free to look around at our work and do not hesitate to get into contact with us!
Jasmine Andre
Sharmaine Bowen
Meagan Cortes
Gisela Duran
Connor Fischer
Ashley Gilbert
Izalia Guareno
Kelly Hodgman
Kaylyn Koutz
Toni Lewis
Sage Lowe
Dickson Luna
Elisheva Phillips
Alexis Rocha
Jordan Sharaf
Judy Schejtamn
Samantha Smolka
Matt Stebner
John “JP” Tanner
Ilan Tesone
Antuaneth Tirado
Danielle Wall